Secret SCPs.

SCP-350-4 KETER SCP-350

SCP 350 is the combination of all creature SCPs .

It is said that the SCP 350 has a maze of death as of the SCP 106, but I see different is that in passing it , must correctly answer the questions of its features .

SCP 350 is a Walking Shadow 35 km .

If you do sounds like breathing and walking on does not make you anything, but if you do anything The persiguira you up within 5 years , is the first SCP to be extremely dangerous , which in its maze answer a question wrong , you go fall and you'll die in a height of 350000000 meters.

The SCP 350 wins her intelligence to SCP 049 , is not stupid , can do anything , also can do extreme things , that's weird , Dr. Cool says he has 350 times the brain of a human being .


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