SCP - Containment Breach Wiki


Security cameras are placed in several rooms across the entire facility. They appear to use a form of motion tracking, as they will move to track any mobile target in their field of view.

Their feed is directly sent to the surveillance room, which allows it to act as a security hub, overseeing the facility.


Once Nine-Tailed Fox enters the facility, they are able to tap into the feed of the security cameras seen throughout the facility. This allows them to pinpoint the location of the player whenever a camera spots them, so it's advised that they stay out of each camera's line of sight. Cameras are consistently placed on the ceilings of rooms, and are identified by the noises and red blinking lights they emit.

Security cameras are located in the following rooms:

Light Containment Zone
Intro Office
Archive Room
Surveillance Room
SCP-205 Containment Chamber (used only for the projection of shadows; not in the room itself)
SCP Storage Chamber
SCP-1162 Containment Chamber
Light Containment Checkpoint Room
Heavy Containment Zone
Large Testing Chamber
SCP-008's Containment Chamber
SCP-106's Containment Chamber
SCP-513's Containment Chamber
SCP-895's Containment Chamber
SCP-966's Containment Chamber
Entrance Zone
SCP-096's Lockroom
T-Shaped Hallway
Elevator Lounge
Electrical Center