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WARNING: The following has unmarked spoilers. Please proceed with caution.


The group was a covert special task force formed by the SCP Foundation, first known under the code-name of "Insurgency", and was part of the Foundation. Unbeknownst to the Foundation, Insurgency had been operating under the guise of Foundation defectors. The Foundation was alerted to this when Insurgency attacked multiple SCP facilities, stole multiple SCP objects, and evacuated Foundation defectors. The O5 Council, the council responsible for the creation of Insurgency, was in shock after hearing that their covert black ops team had defected, under their new name, "Chaos Insurgency", as it's known today.

The Chaos Insurgency, unlike the Foundation who easily "store" their SCPs, would like to utilize these artifacts, most likely as weapons or torture devices. The Insurgency also wants to take down the SCP Foundation for its "lies", possibly by unleashing multiple Euclid or Keter-class SCPs and has provoked the Foundation on multiple occasions. The Chaos Insurgency has access to a more limited number of SCPs than the Foundation, but are willing to use them without restriction.


SPOILER ALERT: In the first Gate A ending if the player doesn't re-contain SCP-106, while the player is escaping from the Maintenance tunnel, 4 mysterious soldiers will appear at the end of the tunnel. Because of their quote and not killing you on sight, it's speculated that these 4 soldiers are members of the Chaos Insurgency, capturing you to prevent the SCP Foundation from figuring out their plans or to help them. After this, the game will end.

4 members will appear at Gate A, capturing you
  • "You know too much to let them get you. You're coming with us."


  • Due to various documents and computer logs, including a note found in Dr. Maynard's office, hinting to their involvement with the containment breach, it's very likely that Dr. Maynard and Agent Skinner were Chaos Insurgency spies who caused the breach for part of an unknown agenda.


  • It's theorized that Dr. Maynard gave SCP-079 full access to all the systems of the site. This is believed because Dr. Maynard is the only one with the motives to give SCP-079 full control of the site, as a method to create a distraction for the chaos insurgency to capture more SCPs.
  • It's theorized that Agent Skinner deliberately released SCP-106 in order to distract the rest of the staff, so that Dr. Maynard could give SCP-079 access to the systems without being noticed.
  • Chaos Insurgency pictures are based on the famous U.S.S Soldier, known as HUNK, from the Resident Evil series.
  • There is an unused chaos insurgency model in the games files. They are identical to the MTF models, but wearing a gas mask.