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SCP-B-6000 or Known as Cindy Caine Surge

Some Cases

Hello im [] [] [] and this is my experience about my classmate she us a weird girl named cindy well lets say she is one of the too honor of our class and smart im not jealous but their is just something weird about her, in the first i though she is just a normal girl with an antisocial, psychopatic with mood swing personality becasue shr onky have 3 to 5 friends and they are always talking about creepyoasta or some horror stuff, but this girl is different like one day we open her bag for fun and we found anothrr black bqg inside we open it and saw a lots of candles and an old book entitled "the autobiography " i take the book and wait gor the class dismissal and i went to my room and read it... Its her diary Hi, I’m Cindy and I have a friend and they are kind. We talked about my six new friends but they didn’t get jealous. How did I meet them?

When I’m a grade 4 student I start creating horror stories I love them until one of my classmates messed with me. I stabbed his hands using a pencil and I ran outside out of school to look at the garden, it looks creepy because it had big trees like jungle trees and I feel weird like someone is looking at me. I borrowed my mom's phone and took a picture. I saw a shadow figure guys with a tall man. I feel happy as I saw that skinny thin tall man, but he doesn’t have a face I try to talk to them. I don’t know but I did I talk to them using my mind.

June [2015]

“I hate my classmate they always bullying me”

Well, it’s my first-day learning Witchcraft. Another day with my stupid classmates well I’m just sitting there and drawing until a minute someone mess my drawing. hey are not that bad though... But I follow that guy and stab him in the back when he is in the bathroom.

March [2017]

I now login into Minecraft. I love my name Hira Monsterking/Economy Crane 227.

February [2019]

Another day as a grade 11 student in my first daw I forgot to pass my paper with my name so I didn't do an introduction. I met my first friend in the jeep named Aila Soriano. The teacher said a family got sick, that's why someone was absent. One day the school conducted an activity I forgot the event but we delay a little time. We went downstairs and eat a bit in the playground chairs with an umbrella. Roberto got a wound and can’t walk normally, Maria Fe had a period and I got an attack by my symptom called Hyperventilation syndrome. Someone told the teacher, “Why! Teachers look like they didn't follow the rules, oh!”

“Just a minute look we have no chairs where do we sit?! We can't walk normally”  I said, “I’m mad! I will make sure this year gonna be a bad year for all of you.” Of Course, I got mad at that time mad to the point that I scream monstrously

“I will use my powers even though it's forbidden!” I snapped my finger. My friends know that when I snap my finger, I use my powers. I got lazy to wish for a zombie apocalypse, so I wished for, “A virus that can wipe a million” Maria Fe, Aila, Wilson, and Roberto knows I got powers but only Aila and Maria Fe know I’m the cause of this pandemic. Another day later my friend Wilson gave me a book named, “The Massacre” I read it and I love that book because of its theme until my classmate ruin my moment, “You are just going school to flirt flirty”

My mind turn black and I throw the 1-inch thick book with a monstrous growl, but Wudang got hit instead of Patricia but it's fine because Wudang is laughing at that time. She is Patricia’s friend she stood in front of me like she wants a fight. I stood up and grab her face and she grabs my hair I have a facemask at that time but if I don’t I will really bite her skin and will rip it apart. She was lucky I got a facemask, I crumple her face and scratch because my nails and left a wound. Our other classmates stop the fight also the teachers. I want to bite her since I’m also a cannibal I just remember what happened to Chloe when I was in grade 5 and I repeat my wish, “Virus” A day after a coronavirus came to the Philippines, it was a relief for me that I got revenge. When I’m angry I will be affected by my anger and no one is the exception instead of me.

Case 2[]

Hi I’m Irish and I’ll just share my experience when I was in grade 7 about my odd classmate it seems the same with Lucas’s experience that I read a few days ago by The Monster Wiki and yes we got the same topic, so first, who is Cindy?

Well, Cindy is my classmate she is a smart, creative, talented, and imaginative kid but behind that personality is a dark and confusing secret that will kill your mind to have deeper research about her. On the first day of school, she was a silent type of kid she didn’t talk to someone. She always doing some drawings about certain stuff or her “OC” in Creepypasta or something creepy stuff that will disturb your mind. A few days ago she was friended by Charmaine and Hannah our other classmates and it’s the start to show her talkativeness but only to them. A few days later we notice her real personality or her mood swings. If you mess with her while she is drawing she will burst out a brutal word like, “I will stab this pencil to your eyes!”

A day after... She is first in the room and I notice her talking to herself. She stopped talking after she saw me and I saw the pen is levitating to her side and she pick it up and place it on her desk and look away like nothing happens. So I asked her to know more, she told me she was talking to her daddy. I asked her who was her dad, and she said it was Slenderman with a smile. I got spook because after she said it the door slams and closed.

“Is that real?” I asked her but she didn’t reply and just look at something or someone in the room. I look at the door and I put my gaze back on her I saw her smiling so I look at where she was smiling and I saw in the blackboard there was a written by chalk it says, “Daddy always watching” Well that freak me out and I couldn’t believe it because I saw on the board a few hours ago before I enter the room there was nothing written on it.

A month later our teacher conduct an activity wherein you will stand in front and you say what you want to be when  you grow up and we all shock in what she said, “I want to be a killer”

Like what the hell?! A 10 or 11 years old know those words? The principal asked her why she wants to be a killer she didn’t answer and just sat.  A few days later our Principal Mrs. Domingo took her to the principal's office. She asked her, “Who are your friends? Are they imaginary friends?”

She said, “No they are not...They are all real”

After that Mrs. Domingo asks her again, “Where do you meet them?”

She said in the woods but I guess she didn’t tell all the details and censored some not-human names like Zalgo, Offendy, etc for the identity privacy of them. I know because of Hannah. One day in the last subject of our class is English, she was getting bullied. She cried softly but the weather changed. I notice her hands slightly raise a half meter from the ground (she is sitting in her chair) Lightning struck multiple times on the blackboard from the window our teacher didn’t know she had some abilities. Cindy joked, “I’m Zeus and I’m now mad” A few minutes later she calmed down and it’s now class dismissal around 6:35 pm I saw her walking looks like she is following someone. That’s all I know.

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Cindy Caine Surge


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SCP-B-6000 or kwn as Cindy Caine Surge