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Joonas Rikkonen[]

Joonas Rikkonen (commonly known as Regalis) is the creator and the main coder for SCP - Containment Breach. Besides taking care of the development of the code of the game, Rikkonen is also involved in graphic design, sound, and 3D modeling.

Reilly Grindle[]

Reilly Grindle (commonly known as Mirocaine ) has worked on modeling and animating several characters for the game such as SCP-106, SCP-049 and the Mobile Task Force. He is currently working on implementing SCP-860 as well as creating the forest monster (SCP-860-2).


Night is most notable for modeling and animating SCP-096's current model, which was introduced in v0.6.5. He is in the process of creating a new model for the Mobile Task Force.

Jesse Ludtke[]

Jesse Ludtke (commonly known as MonocleBios ) is most notable for creating the DebugHUD and for creating new Console commands.


InnocentSam is most notable for creating the SCP-008 and SCP-500 modifications which were implemented into the game. His mod also contained SCP-005 but it was never implemented. He has also stated that he will be creating a SCP-120 modification.

Gage Allen[]


SCP Containment Breach Trailer

The game's trailer.

Gage Allen (commonly known as Lotims) is most notable for creating the official trailers for SCP - Containment Breach. As of now he's only done two but he has expressed interest in creating more trailers for the game in the future.

Voice Actors[]


SolidBaker has been known as the previous voice actor for the Intercom Voice, which was replaced by "DukeLovesYou" in v0.3. The original voice by SolidBaker can still be heard as a prerecorded message on the radio.


Tallfellow is known for his contributions as the composer, writer and announcer for the SCP Foundation On-site Radio.


Joshofsouls can be heard on the radio, as a panicked Foundation employee whom is abducted by SCP-106 when trying to send a distress message.


DukeLovesYou is a well-known internet voice actor known specifically in SCP - Containment Breach for his role as the Intercom Voice from v0.3 on. He also voices the guard in the intro whom escorts D-9341 to SCP-173's containment chamber.


ItsDuke is a voice actor whom voices several characters in SCP - Containment Breach, including the Mobile Task Forces, all the characters heard in the Gate B endings, the Lure Subject (when idle), as well as several guards. ItsDuke has presumably done the most voice acting work for the game as an individual.

Aaron Mckee[]

Aaron Mckee (commonly known as The Volgun) is a voice actor well known for his SCP-based readings and voice work. He voices several characters, including SCP-049, SCP-990, D-9341, the scientist and guard in the first room and an MTF unit found in an SCP-049 cutscene.

Notable People[]

3D Models[]

  • Prosth
  • Micro
  • Atomicsneak
  • Brandon Smith
  • Hakkla
  • Tom Malinowski
  • GamerEntitlement
  • SaitoFox
  • Yndaaa

Music/Sound Effects[]

  • Tim Morrison
  • Joshofsouls
  • Caleb Yu ("nerd")
  • gmodfan11
  • FragdaddyXXL
  • phlip45
  • FireFox
  • Slagar
  • Slendy Man154
  • Kevin Macleod
  • TheVolgun


  • Orgil Pount ("Destructoid") - Guard/MTF textures.
  • KyoteeWilliams - Several sprites for the HUD.
  • William Salembien ("InTheNight") - New textures for Class-D and Scientists.


  • Dr. Gears - A few documents and ideas for SCP-106 and SCP-914.
  • Steelpoint - A few documents and ideas for characters.
  • Caleb Yu ("Omniary") - A few documents.
  • Irontaco - Ideas for loading screen texts.
  • /v/ (4chan) - Ideas and Support.


  • Haversine - Created the SCP-087 game which was the main inspiration for SCP-087-B and SCP - Containment Breach.