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Doors are hard flat objects a person, such as you the player, can open and close so that you can go into a room or other place. They are found all across the facility, and let you go between rooms and somesuch. There are variants of doors, the most common being a dirty, grungy, dark grey door with the SCP three-arrow logo displayed proudly in the middle on both sides, embedded into a similar grimy grey frame. The second is a giant, big filthy brownish, orange-tinted door with red stripes that is separated into two parts that, when they close, interlock, the third is the big door but compact and smaller, found all across the HCZ.

A unique variant of door not found elsewhere is found in the intro.

There is also a normal wooden door used for SCP-860 for testing.

List of things that can open doors.[]

There is an array of things that can make a door open. Here are some things that may happen.

You, the player , opening it. By far the most common reason a door will open is by you opening it yourself

SCP-049 SCP 049 can open doors, however, he can only open them if they don't require a keycard.

SCP-079 SCP 079 may, on occasion, open a door. He can also close them, which can be a threat when evading a hostileSCP, Such as 173 , 049 , or106

Nine Tailed Fox, The NTF squad can open doors, but they only come in after you have made it into the Entrance Zone.