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Easter eggs are hidden secrets or references created by the game developers.

In-game easter eggs[]

Halloween costume for SCP-173[]


The skin.

If you type in "halloween" into the Console command box, SCP-173's face will turn into a jack-o-lantern. This was added by the developers in the .5 Halloween update. However, during and as of an unspecified update, the command ceased to work.


If the player walks into the bathroom, there's an 80% chance of hearing SCP-789-J saying: "I WILL EAT YOUR BUTT."


In the Heavy Containment Zone and other various areas is where an easter egg can be found, SCP-1048. It can sometimes be seen dancing around the checkpoints and later on in the Large Testing Chamber. The player can see SCP-1048 walking across the catwalk, entering the chamber, followed by it leaving.

"Stop Hiding."[]

When the player pauses near SCP-173 or SCP-106, after one second of pausing it will unpause the game and show a message which says "STOP HIDING".[1]

In-game references to other media[]

SCP-294 Drinks[]

Some of the drinks for SCP-294 reference other media.

Input Color Message Effect Referencing
Air, Nothing, Cup, Emptiness, Vacuum, HL3, Half Life 3 Transparent "There is nothing to drink in the cup." None How Half-Life 3 hasn't come out yet.
Amnesia Black, Glows, Semi-Transparent "Daniel, is that you? What are you doing?" Blurs vision for 10 seconds. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Chim Gold, Glows "There are no words in any human language to describe the taste of the liquid." Grants the player godmode and blurs their vision for 100 seconds. The Elder Scrolls' CHIM Lore
Call of Duty, CoD, Donte Black "The drink tastes like dubstep and ur mom." None Call of Duty series
Estus Gold "The taste is hard to describe. You feel refreshed." Heals injuries and bloodloss. Estus Flask in Dark Souls
Fourth Wall, 4th Wall, The Fourth Wall, The Other Side of the Screen, Full Awareness, Pinkie Pie's Greatest Ability, Pinkie Pie Pink "What the? Oh my god. So this is me? I don't exist. but you do please help me." None Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony's greatest ability being able to break the fourth wall.
Meme, Memes, Maymays Blue "Me gusta xDD lel" Blurs the player's vision for 10 seconds. Internet memes
Microwave Casserole Pale Yellow "Through a complex series of thoughts and inside events, you feel that this belongs to someone else." The player will refuse to drink it. An exploding microwave casserole in Half-Life.
Monkey Island Grog Pale green, glows "A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea! Unfortunately, as you start feeling a terrible burning sensation in your throat and stomach, you realize you're actually not used to drinking such heavy stuff ..." Kills the player with a unique death message: "Subject D-9341 was found face down in a puddle of blood, upper digestive tract seemingly molten by corrosion. A cup with the message "The Styx is a river, not a sea, dumbass." printed on it was found near the corpse. Cause of death is without a doubt related to SCP-294." The Secret of Monkey Island.
Speed, Velocity, Fastness, Sanic Yellow, Glows, Slight Transparency

"You feel really nervous."

(Sanic only; message appears in console) "GOTTA GO FAST"

Blurs the player's vision for 15 seconds and freezes the sprint meter for 15 seconds. The internet meme Sanic.
Urine, Piss, Pee, Jarate Pale Yellow, Slight, Transparency "I'm not drinking that." The player will refuse to drink it. References a Sniper weapon in Team Fortress 2.
420, Weed, Dope White "MAN DATS SOM GOOD ASS SHIT" Plays mandeville.ogg References the 420 meme.

SCP-096 music[]

The audio when SCP-096 chases you is from the Silent Hill: Homecoming drill scene.

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