SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Gate A "Good ending 1"

If the player has not/failed to re-contain SCP-106, upon reaching Gate A, MTF will be too busy making sure 106 does not cross the bridge using the H.I.D turret. The player can use this, by running quickly down to the road and entering the tunnel. Upon reaching the end, the player will be met by 4 Chaos Insurgents saying:

"You know too much to let them get you. You're coming with us."

Gate A "Good ending 2"

This ending requires the player to have successfully re-contained SCP-106. Upon reaching Gate A, the player will be greeted by 3 NTF. They will order him to halt, but, surprisingly they do not kill him. At the end, a tape will by a scientist mentioning D-9341's ability to contain and respawn.

"Testing log ███. Subject █-████. Subject demonstrates extraordinary luck and complete mastery of even the most fatal of circumstances and an uncanny ability to predict even the most unpredictable of hazards, almost as if it has performed these impossible tasks several times before. Further testing is required to determine whether the subject should receive SCP classification."

Gate B "Bad ending 1"

In this ending, the player does not disable the warheads, and moves to Gate B. The guard positioned on the perimeter wall will start firing, but misses all the shots due to long distance. Once the player has passed the iron tunnel, a voice on the intercom will announce that the warheads will be detonating in 90 seconds. Once detonating, and ending audio can be heard. It is 2 helicopters communicating, and 1 will crash down due to SCP-682

Gate B "Bad ending 2"

To achieve this ending, the player must disable the warheads at the Alpha Warheads Silo, located in the Heavy Containment Zone

Once outside, the guard will start shooting the player like in "Bad ending 1", but misses as well. Again, the intercom will announce that the warheads are detonating in 90 seconds. This time though, after 90 seconds, they will announce the following:

"We're having trouble detonating the warheads for unknown reasons, all personnel go back to Gate B immediately. Capturing SCP-682 is our number one priority."

In a few seconds, MTF will appear, killing the player. The ending audio will play a conversation between a Commander and NTF. Audio: (sorry for not having the full audio!)

"Sir, we found a dead Class-D on the walkway, he has multiple gun shot wounds in his chest. My guess is that he was shot down while we were fighting 682"

"Commander: I'd like to know how the hell did a Class-D get past the gate. Deliver me the security tapes from all the cameras near the gate and find out who was stationed there, before and during 682's escape attempt."

"Roger that, sir."