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SCP-containment breach update v.0.9

Janitors are employees of the Foundation tasked to keep the facilities and containment chambers clean.


The Janitors keeps the Foundation and its containment chambers clean. It is unknown if they are sworn to secrecy as well or disposed of periodically, similar to the Class-D personnel.


A Janitor is seen trying to escape with a scientist in the first room, but both are killed by SCP-173.

Another Janitor is seen inside the End Room. He appears in front of the blast door, running towards the player, but is captured by SCP-106, who suddenly appears from the floor. If the player remains inside the room for too long, SCP-106 will emerge from the floor and chase them.


  • Before v.0.9, the Janitor wasn't the one that appeared in the first room alongside the scientist, but was a Guard instead.