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"Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-11, Designated Nine-Tailed Fox, Has Entered The Facility. All Remaining Survivors Are Advised To Stay In The Evacuation Shelter, Or Any Other Safe Area Until The Unit Has Secured The Facility. We'll Start Escorting The Personnel Out When The Escaped SCP´s Have Been Re-Contained." -


==The Mobile Task Forces Are Elite, Specialized Groups Dedicated To The Foundation, With Each Mobile Task Force Performing Specific Functions. The Number Of Units In An Individual Squadron Can Carry From 3 To More Than 200. Each Task Force Is Assigned A Unique Combination Of A Greek Letter And A Number. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ( Nine-Tailed Fox ) Is An Intensively Trained Task Force That Is Dispatched To Handle Situations Where Control Is Lost, And Several Breaches Are Confirmed. They Are The Only MTF Unit In SCP - Containment Breach, And Are Composed Of Nine Members, each member represented and identified by a queue in the group's Namesake. Their uniform consists of brown-orange fatigues, body armor, a ballistic helmet with a gas mask, and a bulletproof vest. They carry an FN P90 submachine gun.


A tactical squad deployed in the rare cases of end-of-the-world scenarios in the XK or CK class, which most often happens when conditions of content on the scale of the whole Zone are violated and subsequent loss of several objects of the Euclid and Keter class. Most notably, Epsilon-11 consists of a small number of specialists, which gave them a pseudonym. Nevertheless, each of the nine members of the squad is a veteran in their field of activity and highly respected among the multitude of MOGs.

Earlier (according to the data from the Foundation), they participated in the restoration of the conditions for the following objects:

The tasks of the group when arriving at a violation of the conditions of detention include, but are not limited to:

  • Separation into equal subgroups and systematic combing of the entire complex to catch the escaped SCP and preserve the results and components of the most important studies.
  • Restoration of some critical points in the complex, such as failed power generators, long-distance radio communications and the preservation of central research servers.
  • Capturing the alleged perpetrators for interrogation. These include surviving researchers, administrators or personnel D Class.

Appendix: Due to some possible security threats, class D is eliminated.

Role in the game After reaching player Om Zone 3, MOG enters the complex through Exit B and moves around the Zone. Encountering the player, they will pursue him and open fire on him. If the player can hide, then after a while they will return to combing the Zone. From version 1.3, MOG can find out the location of the protagonist if it gets in sight of CCTV Cameras. If the player has committed RP-106-N return protocol and exited Exit A, he will not be killed, but captured by operatives.

If you meet SCP-106 or SCP-049, the group will start to leave them. Faced with SCP-173, the operatives will maintain eye contact with the object, and then close it in the containment cage and carry it to SCP Content Chambers # SCP-173 Content Chamber of the facility. If they meet SCP-096 along the way, the soldiers will turn away from him. If the group encounters SCP-049-2 or an infected surgeon, they will be shot. When the electric gate is reached, the group will ask for their disconnection, but after a while, the gate will be restarted.


Обычная речь бойцов и интерком[]

Все замечания и фразы членов IOG и голоса по интеркому находятся под спойлером.

Появление оперативной группы

  • Подразделение мобильной оперативной группы Epsilon-11, обозначенное как «Девятихвостый лис», вошло в объект. Всем оставшимся в живых рекомендуется оставаться в эвакуационном убежище или любом другом безопасном месте. Мы начнем сопровождать персонал, когда сбежавшие SCP будут восстановлены. (Мобильная оперативная группа Эпсилон-11, также «Девятисказная лиса», вошла в комплекс.) Всем оставшимся в живых рекомендуется оставаться в убежище или в любом другом безопасном месте, пока группа не очистит комплекс. Мы начнем брать персонал вышел, когда состояние всех объектов SCP будет восстановлено.) File:AnnouncNew.ogg
Объявления для сотрудников фонда после входа в систему
  • Мы хотели бы еще раз посоветовать всему выжившему персоналу: не пытайтесь добраться до выхода. Либо найдите безопасную зону, либо зайдите в один из многочисленных эвакуационных убежищ внутри учреждения.
  • Объявление для всего персонала: лифт до ворот В был заблокирован, чтобы обеспечить безопасность верхних частей объекта. Пожалуйста, не забудьте оставаться в эвакуационных убежищах, пока объект не будет защищен. (Сообщение всему персоналу: лифт к выходу B заблокирован, чтобы обеспечить безопасность верхних частей комплекса.) Помните: оставайтесь; Объявления после входа в MOG на имя игрока
  • Субъект D-9341, доложите в ближайший контрольный пункт безопасности для допроса. (Субъект D-9341, перейдите к ближайшей контрольной точке для опроса.)
  • Субъект D-9341, сообщите в ближайшую службу безопасности. Невыполнение этого требования приведет к немедленному прекращению. (Субъект D-9341, перейдите к ближайшей группе безопасности. Неповиновение приведет к немедленному уничтожению.)
  • Субъект D-9341, немедленно доложите до ворот А для допроса. (Субъект D-9341, немедленно перейдите к выходу А для допроса.)
  • Субъект D-9341 предназначен для уничтожения. (Субъект D-9341 назначен на уничтожение.)
Если у игрока в инвентаре есть объект SCP
  • Субъект D-9341, сообщает ближайшему мобильному целевому отряду о поиске нескольких важных объектов. (Субъект D-9341, перейдите к ближайшей мобильной целевой группе для передачи нескольких важных объектов.)

Обнаружение игрока

Player Search

Player Loss

Murder of the player

Meet the player in Exit A

Meeting with SCP-049 (with version 1.3.4)
Meeting with SCP-049-2 (including a player in the guise of zombies)

Meeting with SCP-096

Meeting with SCP-106


  • They are a lot like the HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) from Half-Life, as in they're a clean-up crew who is hostile to the player.
    • They are also hostile to other things hostile to the player, although they cannot kill some SCPs (for example, SCP-079, SCP-682, SCP-106, SCP-173, SCP-008-infected entities) .
  • The leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox may be named Steelpoint, as Steelpoint is the name of an admin on the game forums and a friend of Regalis, the developer of the game, and helped with the writing of the game, and has a soldier who looks very similar to the MTF soldier as his avatar. It was also posted on the old forums for the game, which are no longer around, that the name of the leader of the MTF starts with Steel. The post that said his name starts with Steel also included a smily face emoji/emoticon, and it was later said that the post was serious but he wanted to be "subtle" about it.[1]
  • The Nine-Tailed Fox have special reactions to different SCPs, whether protective or hostile/antagonistic, and may not kill the player in order to pursue the safety and security of these SCP objects. This includes putting SCP-173 in a box and walking across the map in order to put the box into the original containment chamber so that it can no longer follow the player.
  • Nine-Tailed Fox members have various lines of dialogue that can be heard on the radio's fourth channel.
  • Guards are an earlier version of the MTF, due to existing since before the MTF in the first ever version of the game. They functioned similarly to the MTF, shooting the player, getting mad and angry at them, and chasing them down to shoot them. They also shared the same model until it was decided that the MTF should have their own model, which is like the guard model but with different textures, animations, dialogue (including new dialogue by a member of the forum), and different reactions to the player and SCP objects.
  • Their old in-game model is the same as the Guards. Aside from the Nine-Tailed Fox logo on their vests, the only real difference between the two is their bodysuits: the MTFs have black ones, while the Guards have white ones.
  • A new model is currently being developed for Epsilon-11.
  • The Nine-Tailed Fox is a popular creature in Japanese mythology going by the name(s) of Jiǔwěihú, Kitsune Kyūbi, or Gumiho. It's believed to be a fox spirit that can change into a human in order to manipulate other humans.
  • Additionally, the nickname "Nine-Tailed Fox" could also be a reference to SCP-953, which also takes the form of a fox with nine tails.
  • It should also be mentioned that even with only 1 MTF operative approaching SCP-173, it will still not attack the soldier, even if they blink. If the player is not looking at it, the soldier will still be able to lock SCP-173 in the steel cage.
  • The quote "JÄVLA HELVETE Come out" is a mix of Swedish swearing (JÄVLA HELVETE) and English (Come out). JÄVLA HELVETE when translated can mean "F***ING HELL".
    • This could be taken as a fact that Nine-Tailed Fox comprises of multiple people from other countries, which is true to any special unit to have one or more member from a different state depending on their skills or the voice actor just wanted to show off his Swedish skill