SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

The Map Creator is a tool that allows users to generate their own maps. It utilized a Grid-like map system, alongside an event system.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)[]

The map is displayed as square rooms placed on a grid, shown in the same fashion as the S-Nav. Each side of the window has a side-bar, over the grid is the name of the current map if saved, under the grid is a "Delete map" button, again only showing if the current map is saved.

On the left side-bar is a list of each room, allowing the user to select different room types. Left-clicking will place a room of the selected type, and right clicking a room will erase it. If no rooms are selected, left clicking a room on the grid will allow you to manually rotate a room, along with seeing the list of events assigned to the room. The right side-bar displays a list of all saved maps, and under are "Save as" and "Save" buttons. If a map is already saved, a "Delete map" button will be displayed under the grid, and the map name displayed over the grid. As Of V.1.3.9 You can go in 3D and check out the map in 3D mode.


The user can place rooms by selecting a room from the left side-bar, then clicking an empty space on the grid. Clicking on a placed room with reveal a box where the user can manually adjust the room's rotation or change events (For example: the user can choose whether or not SCP-106 will spawn in the tunnel) and their probability to occur. With a room in the grid you can also rotate the room by selecting and dragging in the desired direction.

The user also must click the "Deselect" button before selecting a different room. If the user clicks one of the saved maps, the selected map will be opened. As of 1.3.9, you can rotate the rooms even if a room is selected on the side-bar,


Room Name Room
173 Class-D Cells and SCP-173's Containment Chamber before the breach. Placed automatically in every map.
start SCP-173's Containment Chamber after the breach. Placed automatically in every map.
008 SCP-008's Containment Chamber
room012 SCP-012's Containment Chamber
room049 SCP-049's Containment Chamber
room079 SCP-079's Containment Chamber
lockroom2 SCP-096's Lockroom
room106 SCP-106's Containment Chamber
roompj SCP-372's Containment Chamber
room513 SCP-513's Containment Chamber
room2scps SCP-714 and SCP-1025's Containment Chambers
coffin SCP-895's Containment Chamber
914 SCP-914's Containment Chamber
room2storage SCP-970 Hallway
room3storage Underground Storage with 2 SCP-939 instances
room860 SCP-860 Test Room
room2closets First Room
lockroom Timed Gas Lockroom
room2doors T-Shaped Lockroom
room2testroom2 Small Testing Room
room2 Two Way Hallway
room2_2 Two Way Hallway with a Large Fan
room2c Corner Hallway
room3 T-Shaped Hallway
room3_2 Variant of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4 Four Ways Room
room2z3 Office Variation of the Two Way Hallway
room2cz3 Office Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3z3 Office Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4z3 Office Variation of the Four Ways Room
endroom Endroom
endroom2 Heavy Containment Zone Variant of the Endroom
tunnel Two Way Metal Corridor
tunnel2 Two Way Metal Corridor with SCP-173 Spawn
room2ctunnel Corner Variant of the Metal Corridor
room3tunnel T-Shaped Variant of the Metal Corridor
room4tunnels Four Ways Variant of the Metal Corridor
room2pipes Grated Hallway
room2pit Gas Catwalk
room3pit Three Ways Gas Catwalk
testroom Large Testing Chamber
room2servers Small Server Room
room2tunnel Maintenance Tunnels
room2nuke Warhead Room
room2offices Basic Office
room2offices2 2-Level Office
room2offices3 Large Office
room2sroom Head Office
room2poffices Doctors Quarters
room2poffices2 Conference Quarters
room2cafeteria Cafeteria
room2ccont Electrical Center
room3servers Server Rooms
room3servers2 Variant of the Server Rooms
room2tesla Tesla Coil Hallway
room2toilets Toilets
gatea Entrance to Gate A
gateaenterance Gate A
exit1 Gate B
pocketdimension Pocket Dimension


  • In v0.7.2, the files for the map creator can be found in the game's files. If the user has BLITZ3D, then they can open the '' file and run it, though the editor is barely functional. And In v1.3.9 You can go in 3D and look at the map.