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Night Vision Goggles[]

The Night Vision Goggles are an item which allows the player to see in the dark. They can be found


The green Night Vision Goggles.

in several places, like near the SCP-049 containment chamber, the Server Room, in the maintenance tunnels, the SCP-966 containment chamber, among others. They require 9V batteries to operate.

​​​​​​The goggles can't be used over the Gas Mask (although they can be used over the Hazmat Suit, in which case the HUDs of both items will overlap).

Super Night Vision Goggles[]

The Night Vision Goggles can be refined in SCP-914 on both the "Fine" and "Very Fine" settings.

Red supernightvision

The red Night Vision Goggles.


The blue Night Vision Goggles.

If put through SCP-914 on "Fine", it will produce the red Night Vision Goggles. The red version is identical to the green version, except that they don't use batteries and have a red display. They are also highly resistant to SCP-895 and SCP-1025's effects.

Refining either the red or green goggles on "Very Fine" will turn the HUD a blue tinged view, rather than the usual green. It will also display a 10 second countdown which, upon reaching zero, updates a heads-up display with direction and distance information of both nearby SCPs and humans (either alive or dead). However, this also causes the player's vision to be obscured for a split second, effectively adding a second blink to the game. This variation is especially useful for dealing with SCPs which roam across the facility (ie. SCP-049) and MTF soldiers.

The "blue" Night Vision Goggles can't detect scripted SCP spawns, thus SCP-966 will still appear as an unavoidable jumpscare if the player doesn't know where they spawn. It also can't track SCPs which vanish and reappear from existence (like SCP-106 and SCP-173), although they do become detectable once nearby.

Note that unlike the red variation, the blue goggles do require 9V batteries to function.


  • None of the goggles will work under scripted blackouts.
  • Given that it is the only way to see SCP-966, one can assume that the Night Vision Goggles work under the 700nm wavelength (Near Infrared) (Most I.R.L NVGs can see Near infrared).
  • If the player views SCP-895 with the Night Vision Goggles, the camera will automatically look upwards and away from it. If the player does not take off the goggles soon after, SCP-895's effects will begin manifesting on the HUD.