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This is an item which allows to see under pitch darkness or even through distance fog. It won't, nonetheless, work under scripted blackouts, like when SCP-966 spawns after the room where SCP-096 is found.

Given that it is the only way to enable seeing SCP-966, one can assume the Night Vision Goggles to work under the 700nm wavelength.

It can be found on several places like near the SCP-049 containment chamber, the Server Room, in the maintenance tunnels, the SCP-966 containment chamber, and other places the author doesn't remember where.

It requires batteries and can't be used over the Gasmask. Although it can be used over the Hazmat suit, the screen overlay effects of both items will overlap and make it harder to see when in a lit area, as it becomes as easy through darkened places (they won't be dark).


The Night Vision Goggles can be refined in SCP-914 on "Fine" and will return a blue tinged view, rather than the usual green. It will also display a 10 second countdown which upon reaching zero updates an heads-up display with direction and distance information of both SCPs nearby and humans (either alive or dead), but also causes a "blink" to occur, basically adding another blink meter. Specially useful for dealing with SCPs which roam across the facility (ie. SCP-049) or MTF soldiers.

The "blue" Night Vision Goggles can't detect SCPs which spawn by script before they are spawned, thus SCP-966 will still appear as an unavoidable jumpscare if the player doesn't know where they spawn. It can't either detect SCPs which vanish and reappear from existence (like SCP-106 and SCP-173), although they become detectable once stalking the player nearby.

If the normal Night Vision Goggles or blue Night Vision Goggles are put through SCP-914 on "Very Fine" it will make red Night Vision Goggles. The red version is just the green version but doesn't take batteries and has a red display, which is a bit hard to look at for some people.

If you view SCP-895 with the Night Vision Goggles, you will automatically look upwards and away from it, and disturbing images will start to appear after a while.