SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Light Containment Zone[]

SCP-173's Containment Chamber[]

This is the first room that the player will come across before the breach. It consists of the containment chamber for SCP-173, an inaccessible door to the right, a balcony to the left where the ladder and spectator present on the platform, and a room where the intercom voice resides. After the breach events starts and you walk down the stairs on the right from where the scientists are working at, SCP-173 can be seen with a guard directly staring at it. If 173 is disabled, the guard can be seen walking backwards with a Class-D far behind him.

Storage Bathroom[]

This used to be the first room that the player comes across after the breach. It consists of a walkway with a door halfway through the room, behind which a janitor and a scientist can be heard trying to escape. Shortly after entering the room, the lights start flickering rapidly before SCP-173 kills them both.

On the opposite side of the hallway is one room which contains a gas mask, a document on SCP-173, a level 1 keycard, and a few batteries. But caution should be advised, as if the player stays in that room for too long, SCP-173 will open the door to the room. If SCP-173 is disabled or captured by the NTF somehow, no NPCs will spawn, and no bodies.

T-Shaped Lockroom[]

The T-Shaped Lockroom is a red-lit room in the shape of a T, as the name implies. Once the player enters this room, they must take a turn down the short, intersecting closet to press the button. Once the button is pressed, it will open one door and then close the other. The player must be wary of these rooms, as SCP-173 will often spawn in the offshoot hallway, below the ventilation shaft.

Small Testing Room[]

The test room is located inside a hallway. Upon opening the keycard-locked door in the hallway, the player will find an inoperable door in front of him and an accessible door to his immediate left. He will find the test room itself behind that door, which contains a level 2 keycard and an S-Nav 300. The test room is separated in two sections, one where the observer is, and the other which is separated by glass and a door. Inside the other section, SCP-173 will spawn and follow a guided path around the room until he will break the glass. Because of this, it is recommended that the player blink before he enters the test room, as SCP-173  will kill him if he blinks or if he takes his eyes off it.


Corner Room[]


The Corner Room is an o-shaped hall containing three doors, two of which connect the hall to other rooms, and a third which is inoperable.

T-Shaped Room[]

The T-Shaped Room is a room in the form of a "T" and is mainly here to link all the other rooms together. Two variations of this room can be found.

The first variant has a grated off area with some guns. The second variant contains water pipes instead, accompanied by the sounds of dripping water. An event can randomly occur when the player enters this variation where a scientist's corpse will fall from the ceiling after SCP-106 ejects him from the Pocket Dimension. Some people believe this scientist is Dr. L. As of v1.0 there is a second event which randomly occurs, where a large corrosion sinkhole appears. If the player walks too close to the center of the sinkhole, they will be dragged into the Pocket Dimension. Therefore, it is advised to go around the outer edge of the sinkhole in order to avoid this.

Four Ways Room[]

The four ways room looks like the T-shaped rooms, but with a fourth entrance, as well as an unreachable catwalk. There is an event where SCP-049 will be standing on the catwalk watching you move.

Storage Hallway with SCP-970[]

The SCP-970 hallway consists of a regular hallway with two doors on both sides. Upon opening these doors, the player can find a battery, an empty cup, a level 1 key card, and various documents. Please note that when crossing through the doors, eventually the door loops around the room to the opposite side, making it seem like one has crossed into another room. It will make the player blink every time they go through the door.


Storage Hallway.

End Room[]

The End Room is a room similar to the Gate A but without the elevator. It currently serves no purpose other than to end off a path. When the player enters this room, an alarm sound can be heard. The end room can be found in the light containment and entrance zones. A smaller, much more crude and grimy variant can be only found in the heavy containment zone.

In the light containment zone end room, a random event can happen, usually at the near start of the game after the breach where a janitor runs from in front of the blast door towards the player and is then abducted by SCP-106. If the player remains inside the endroom for too long, SCP-106 will spawn and follow the player.

SCP-012's Containment Chamber[]


Behind a keycard-locked door and down a flight of stairs lies SCP-012's chamber. The first door requires a level 3 keycard. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with a control panel with SCP-012's document sitting on it. The panel has a button labelled "Hoist", a powered-on computer screen from where the "On Mount Golgotha" score plays, and a label reading "Caution Lights On" with a light above it that flashes red when the lights in the second room are on. In the next room is SCP-012 itself, suspended in a container by an automated pulley system. When close enough to the entrance, SCP-079 opens it and lowers the container with SCP-012 in it, forcing the player to walk towards it and mutilate themselves. If the player is wearing  SCP-714 he will be inmune to SCP-012 effects and can walk freely in the room. A severed hand is available inside the chamber. 

SCP-372's Containment Chamber[]


This room is composed of a cube of plexiglass, a control panel with SCP-372's document and a shelf with a radio. Entering it doesn't require a keycard since the containment door is already opened. The chamber's entrance door is open as well, but the chamber does not have any supplies inside. When the room is first entered, a rustling noise can be faintly heard and SCP-372 will start following the player until they die, or save before encountering SCP-372.

SCP-914 Containment Chamber[]

Sans titre 45

The room that houses SCP-914. The player will need a level 2 keycard to access SCP-914's chamber. It contains the SCP object, a first aid kit and two documents, one concerning the use of SCP-914 and the other being one of Dr. L's notes. The room is largely empty of anything else.

Underground room with SCP-939s[]

This room can be accessed through an elevator in the Light Containment Zone. It contains many crates and boxes, but most importantly, SCP-939s. Three of them can be found in this room. There is a severed hand that can spawn in two random locations. And you can find Night Vision Goggles in one of the corridors in the room. An event may occur where pressing ESC in this room will cause a horror soundfile to play with text saying "STOP HIDING". (The "STOP HIDING" Thing happens everywhere else too.)

SCP-1162's Containment Chamber[]

The entrance to SCP-1162's containment chamber is located on the inner side of a C-shaped hallway, which notably contains a security camera on the outermost corner. In addition to SCP-1162 itself being inside the chamber, it also contains a desk with 1162's document.

Surveillance Room[]

This room can be accessed with a level 3 keycard and opens to a stairwell. Once at the top, there will be Computers sitting in 2 rows near the middle, a door that doesn't open, and the main door which has the Surveillance Room on the inside with lots of monitors, a desk with a level 4 keycard, and a Control Panel in the middle of the room. Once the Security Office door is opened, SCP-049 will walk up the stairs and look around. It is advised that once you enter the room, you should quickly lift the Light Containment Zone Lockdown. 049 will chase you out of there, or it will kill you. An alternative, possible method would be to try and hide behind the center table as it walks into the room and hope it does not see you (untested by multiple, further testing of theory would be needed(or a source) to prove the strategy works.)

Light - Heavy Containment Zone Checkpoint Room[]

This room stands as a hub from and to the Heavy Containment Zone. If you have not lifted the Light Containment Zone Lockdown in the Surveillance Room, you will not be able to get through to the Heavy Containment Zone, even with an Omni Clearance. It will instead flash a screen saying to disable the lockdown in the Surveillance Room and how SCP-008 has breached containment.

Heavy Containment Zone[]

Metal Corridors[]


Metal corridors as of v0.7.

The metal corridors are rooms in the shape of cylinders. There is a variation of this room where the lights can go out and SCP-173 will appear when they come back on. There's also a second variation which has an electricity box and a gas pipe in the center of the room. Lastly, there is a third variation where decontamination gas can randomly start spraying from the ceiling, so it's advised that the player wear a gas mask when encountering this variant.

Grated Hallway[]


The grated hallway with a patch of SCP-106's corrosion.

The grated hallway is a short hallway with grating going down the length of the floor and ceiling. Players entering this area should be wary of SCP-106, who is known to spawn in this room. It will emerge from one wall, then stop in the middle of the hallway as it's crossing to the opposite wall. It will look around, and if it spots the player, it will begin chasing them. The player should take care to stay out of the room and crouch, as SCP-106 will not notice the player and continue on to the opposite wall.

Gas Catwalk[]


The gas catwalk as of version 0.7.

The Gas Catwalk is a two-way catwalk with a line of pipes that spray decontamination gas at the player, so it is recommended to wear a gas mask in this room. SCP-173 is known to spawn here often.

Large Testing Chamber[]


Lower level of the large testing chamber.

This chamber is a two-level room with balconies lining either side, along the entrances. Going left leads to a small blast door that is inaccessible. The left leads to a set of metal stairs to the first floor. Right across from those stairs is another set leading up to the second balcony, as well as the entryway to the rest of the lower level. The main room is accessible through a door, and inside, the player will see SCP-682's document in front of a large, sealed blast door. If the player goes over to pick it up, decontamination gas will start spewing from the piping in the room and SCP-079 will speak over the intercom saying, "You are not getting out."

It is speculated that behind the blast door is SCP-682's actual containment chamber, due to the presence of SCP-682's document and the intervention of SCP-079 upon attempting to reach the door. This however may be disproved as there is no visible escape route from the side the player is.

Small Server Room[]

The small server room is one of two locations where SCP-096 can be found. There are two doors leading into this room, which are separated by a locked door in the outside hallway. Four small windows looking into the room line the wall, two on each side of the locked door. There are two areas in the small server room; the main room that houses some equipment as well as two switches, and a small control area with a panel and a third switch.

Once the hall outside the small server room is entered, the entryways lock and a scene will play in which an enraged SCP-096 brutally kills an unfortunate guard, causing blood to completely block out the windows. Once the scene is finished, the doors open back up, and the player must enter to get around the locked door. Once this room is entered, the doors lock back up, and the player must pull all three switches in the room to unlock them, but caution must be exercised, as SCP-096 is easy to anger.

The best way to enter and leave this room safely is to constantly look on the ground until running into a wall. Keep looking at it and start to search for the switches. When all three switches have been flipped, the opposite door will open. Caution is advised, as SCP-173 can spawn behind the locked door.If  you look at SCP-096 during the cutscene a error message wull pop up and he wont chase you

Maintenance Tunnels[]

The Maintenance Tunnels are located beneath the Heavy Containment Zone and can be accessed through an elevator. The Containment Chamber of SCP-049, in which you have to pull two levers in order to activate the other elevator to run out, is located here. Caution is advised, because SCP-106 can spawn inside the elevator.

SCP-049's Containment Chamber[]

049 Elevator entrance

Elavator leading to SCP-049's chamber

You do not require a keycard in order to enter the containment chamber, because the door is already open. In front of the door are laying dead guards, with cuts on their torsos. Caution is advised, because once the player is near one of the corpses, it will move its fingers and begin to reanimate. As soon as one SCP-049-2 is reanimated, it will chase after you. Though they are extremley slow, they will slow you down when they hit you, and can potentially even kill you. The other side of the tunnel is a small chamber with SCP-049 and another dead MTF in it. In the containment chamber are two shelves and a lever with the settings "on" and "off". On the left side, there is a table with a chair in front of it. On the table is the Document of SCP-049. Next to the table are two control terminals. On the right control lays a Level 4 keycard and it is connected to a lever with a sign above it reading, "Elevator Power Feed". The lever is normally on "Main". You have to set it to "Generator" and set the other lever on the other side of the room to "On" in order to activate the elevator to escape. Although, much caution is advised. Once one lever is pulled, the small chamber with SCP-049 opens and he will chase after you after looking around. It is possible that SCP-049 doesnt spawn in the small room, but instead in the elevator in which you should escape in.

Warhead Room[]

A small circular room with a catwalk around the perimeter and the Omega warhead nestled in the very center. To enter the room and use the elevator that takes the player down to it, they must have a level 5 keycard. Once the player walks across the catwalk around the Omega warhead, they will find a room that requires a level 5 keycard to enter. Inside the room on a control panel are two levers; "Remote Detonation Omega Warheads" and "Remote Detonation Alpha Warheads". These can be turned off, which will change the game's endings. A document written by Dr. Harp can be found on the table next to a ballistic vest.

SCP-008's Containment Chamber[]


Entrance to SCP-008's chamber

SCP-008's room can be accessed using a level 4 keycard. SCP-008's chamber consists of three small rooms. The first room contains a table with SCP-008's document and a control panel. The second room is a small airlock with a decontaminating shower head and storage area containing the hazmat suit propped up on a stand. The third room can be entered from here, and this room consists of a short catwalk leading to SCP-008's container. The player should be wary, as SCP-173 may spawn in the control room. This room is visible from the first room via two large windows, one of which shatters when SCP-008's canister opens as a result from the player getting too close to it. If the hazmat suit is not being worn, the player will become infected with SCP-008 once the canister opens. By the use of noclip, the player can see a small room, similar to the one found in the Maintenance Tunnels, in which the player ingests a scientist after being fully infected with SCP-008.

SCP-106's Containment Chamber[]

The door that leads to SCP-106's chamber requires a level 4 keycard to be accessed.

SCP106Containment (Malo1471)

The catwalk that appears leads to a control room. This room contains a monitor with two switches and a button. Also, a level-5 keycard can usually be found here. A document about the recall protocol, explaining the main purpose of this chamber, can be found on a desk. At the end of the room, another door (requiring a level 4 keycard) and a staircase that leads into the secondary chamber of SCP-106 can be found. Within the room stands SCP-106's primary chamber: a sealed container comprised of lead-lined steel surrounded with an iron fence.

Using noclip, the player can see that the actual chamber is completely hollow, with the unfortunate D-Class, interior of the chamber, and femur breaker stored in a box a few feet above the room. Additionally, if the player does not successfully recontain SCP-106 and instead flies up to the room while SCP-106 is killing the D-Class, SCP-106 will chase the player. One can also see that there is no animation for SCP-106 killing the D-Class, as the D-Class remains where he lay on the Femur Breaker and SCP-106 simply disappears.

SCP-513's Containment Chamber[]

513 Containment Chamber

The containment chamber requires a keycard to be accessed. It contains two rooms, one with a shelf that has a document on it, and another which has a large hole in it which leads to a regular metal corridor. Inside the chamber is a pedestal which has SCP-513 on it.

SCP-895's Containment Chamber[]


A two-story chamber that holds SCP-895 which can be entered using a level 2 keycard. The staircase is watched over by a camera and has a control room suiting a CCTV monitor. Viewing the monitor for too long will kill the player, due to SCP-895's effects. Walking down the spiral staircase, there is a door leading into a hall which leads to a room with the coffin SCP-895 itself. SCP-106 tends to come out of the ground right in front of the coffin, preventing the player from lingering too long. If the player outruns it and return to the room where SCP-895 resides, SCP-106 will not return to attack the player again.

Entrance Zone[]

Basic Office[]


A small, one story office containing computers, unobtainable files, and a monitor that displays a message when selected. Also contains a level 2 keycard, SCP-106's document, and an S-Nav 300.

2-Level Office[]


The 2-level office.

A basic office with stairs to a second level. It contains a level 1 keycard, SCP-895 and SCP-860's documents, the SCP-093 Recovered Materials document, an S-Nav 300, and an anomalous duck.

Large Office[]


The large office.

The large offices consist of a large lower floor and a smaller, second floor with two rooms. It contains the Object Classes document, Security Levels document, and a radio on the lower level. There is also ReVision Eyedrops and batteries in the upper level. The office is also a spawn point for the Mobile Task Force. The rooms above serve as a place to hide in when the Task Force appears.

Head Office[]


The head office requires a level 4 keycard or higher to enter. On one of the desks lays a picture of Radical Larry (an alias that SCP-106 has been associated with based on this family portrait), two joints of SCP-420-J, SCP-079's document, a radio and a level 5 keycard.

The Doctor's Quarters[]

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

Dr. Maynard's Office[]


Dr. Maynard's Office.

The key code to access this room can be found on a burnt note in the Pocket Dimension of SCP-106. Upon entering this room, the player can find the Mysterious Note, a ballistic vest, and a monitor which displays a conversation with an unknown client, simply stating "It's out". This conversations coincides with SCP-106's breach before the game, at 09H21. This evidence leads to the suspicion that Maynard is a Chaos Insurgency spy.

Dr. Harp's Office[]


Dr. Harp's Office.

The key code to the keypad to allow access to Dr. Harp's Office can be heard on a randomly triggered conversation via channel 5 of the radio. Security Chief Franklin permits Dr. Harp to broadcast the code, allowing the player entry. It contains a first aid kit and a document describing Incident Report SCP-106-0204. The player should be wary, if they stay too long inside the office, SCP-106 will emerge from the floor.

Dr. Gears' Office[]

The office of Dr. Gears cannot be accessed and is presumed to serve no other purpose than to reference a Foundation Site member of the same name.

Spoilers end here.

The Conference Quarters[]

Dr. L.'s Office[]

The office can be accessed with a code 1234. The interior of this office is covered with moss stone seen in the Pocket Dimension and the sound of rushing water can be heard from behind a wall. Two burnt notes can be found inside. All this leads to the presumption that SCP-106 captured him.

The Conference Room[]

Conference Room 9B is located opposite to Dr. L.'s office. It seems to have been previously abandoned, as the room is in minor disarray, with various materials still on the table, such as papers, a book and computer. On the far side of the room are 3 screens, one of which is readable, containing a message from an O5 detailing how the breach is being dealt with, suggesting the conference room was previously occupied by surviving personnel.

The Cafeteria[]

The Cafeteria contains several tables and a counter. Most tables have cups and plates of food left over, which shows that the cafeteria probably had personnel in it before the breach occurred. It also contains SCP-294 which is opposite to the counter. There is a total of three cups out at first: One empty, another with Orange Juice, and the third with Coffee. As of Version 1.0, SCP-066 can spawn in the Cafeteria and while it usually stays near the room, its control over doors and random movements can cause it to wander into other rooms or hallways.

Electrical Center[]

The Electrical Center requires a level 1 keycard to open the door. Behind this door is a small flight of stairs leading up to the small electrical room. It contains some small towers and a few fuse boxes, as well as a room with a computer hub with two monitors and three switches used for Lighting, Secondary Lighting, and Remote Door Control. Here, the player can control the secondary lighting and the remote door control. The secondary lighting tends to shut off as the player enters the computer room, but it can be turned back on.
Turning off remote door control will prevent SCP-079 from closing doors in the player's face, and will trigger SCP-079's deal with the player should they enter its chamber and talk to it.

The Server Rooms[]

The Server Room is a three-door, two-level room with a catwalk connecting the two upper doors. There are some stairs leading to the lower floor, which the player will need to get through to reach the third door in the room. So far, this room has two variants, meaning the path in the lower level will not always be the same. SCP-173 frequently spawns here, so the player should be wary. The first variation of the room contain a shelf holding 1 up to 3 9V batteries and an S-Nav 300. The white anomalous duck can be found sitting on the floor of this variation. The second variation also has a shelf but currently holds nothing.

Tesla Gate Hallway[]


The Tesla Gate hallway.

A hallway consisting of a Tesla Gate, which can shock and kill the player. The player must wait for the gate to activate it (which is indicated through a charging-up sound), and then run through once the gate finishes. The player cannot run through the gate prior to it activating, as it will kill the player. SCP-173 and SCP-096 are not affected by the gate, however, SCP-106 can be "knocked out", causing it to retreat to its Pocket Dimension. The MTF will not attempt to pass by the Tesla Gate while it's active. Instead, they will contact their commander via radio to deactivate the Tesla gates before proceeding. This makes the Tesla Gate an effective way to shake off most hostile contacts pursuing the player.

If the player approaches within a detectable boundary of the Tesla Gate, it will enter an active state, as indicated by a quiet electric alarm and a small green light located under the metallic overpass on the top of the gate, which will blink at a regulated interval. If the player activates the Tesla Gate, a light will flash at an increasing pace before the electric shock is released.

Possibly the door after this hallway was Gate A , making it the last room if the player passes the Tesla Gate safely without getting electrocuted by it.

The Toilets[]


The toilets.

The Toilets appear in a plain hallway with a WC sign above the door. This door splits off into the two restrooms, which both compose of a sink and a few stalls. As an easter egg, SCP-789-J has 80% chance of being heard by the player. When the player is about to enter the outside corridor, the sounds of a crying guard can be heard. If the player approaches, a gunshot will go off. Further inspection will reveal a guard's body face down on the floor of the men's restroom.

If the MTF manage to reach the toilets before the player does, the MTF will take the guard along with them, adding another soldier to worry about.

SCP-079 's Containment Chamber[]


SCP-079 in its containment chamber.

To enter SCP-079's Chamber, the player will require a level 4 keycard to open the door. The door will not fully open due to SCP-079 controlling the door unless the player has gone back and disabled the remote door control system from the electrical room.

After entering the chamber, the player will find a small flight of stairs leading to SCP-079 itself, which is stored on an old computer, surrounded by a gate.

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

To the player's right is a keypad-locked door that leads to an observation room with windows overlooking SCP-079's main chamber, a control panel, and an interactive screen. The screen in this room will show a conversation between an unknown client and SCP-079, revealing that someone had intentionally let SCP-079 breach containment.

Spoilers end here.

SCP-096's Lockroom[]

SCP-096 Lockroom

SCP-096's Lockroom, with it inside and agitated.

SCP-096's Lockroom is very similar to a regular lockroom. However, this room doesn't have any doors or decontamination gas inside. SCP-096 can be found in the center of the room sitting down with several blood splatters around it (assumed to be victims of SCP-096). It is recommended that the player walks behind SCP-096 to ensure that they will not trigger it.

SCP-860 and SCP-1025's Containment Chamber[]

Contains a level 3 keycard-locked door and leads to a room with doors on all side. The door to the left houses SCP-860, and the right leads to SCP-1025. However, the door immediately in front of the player is inaccessible. A level 3 keycard is needed to access SCP-1025's storage, but a level 4 keycard is needed to access SCP-860's chamber. SCP-860's document can be found inside its storage room, on top of a cabinet. A room can be located opposite of the room where these SCPs are contained, which houses SCP-714.


SCP-096's Containment Chamber[]


SCP-096's broken containment chamber.

Due to SCP-096's containment chamber not being accessible in the current version of SCP - Containment Breach itself, there is no way to access the room for the time being. Cut from development for unknown reasons, the room can be found within the files of developer builds of the game. Size of the room is unknown, though the cube can be assumed to be the standard 5m x 5m x 5m. keycard access level (If keycard access is required at all) is also unknown as well. Room appears mostly empty, aside from the non-visible angles that can't be viewed. chamber is designed in a way to implify that SCP-096 has breached containment somehow. It could be theorized that the developers intended to implement a story on how SCP-096 breached, as the visual would show the cube had been ripped open from the inside.

SPOILER ALERT: It can be theorized Doctor Maynard would be responsible for the breach, as hints in his office  show that he was a spy for theChaos Insurgency, responsible for giving SCP-079 control to the facility causing multiple breaches.