SCP - Containment Breach Wiki
Object Class Euclid
Animate? Yes
Harmful? No (ingame)
SCP Link SCP-066
Containment Chamber

SCP-066 or "Eric's Toy" is an SCP that appears in SCP - Containment Violation. SCP-066 was added in update 1.0.


SCP-066 is an intricately braided amorphous mass of yarn that weighs approximately one kilogram. Trapped between the threads are what appear to be eyes, which resemble those of a human. It shows significant mobility, mainly in the way of being able to move portions of itself at a very high speed. It will automatically produce notes and effects in the presence of any human, specifically if that human interacts with SCP-066. This process takes a minimum of six seconds.

When it is not producing anomalous effects, SCP-066 will say the name "Eric" constantly with a deep masculine voice.



*NEW* SCP-066 - SCP CB v1.0

SCP-066 was added to the game in update BH 1.0. It will roll towards the player and make a crack in the floor similar to SCP-106, but without the blood. It will say "Eric?" several times and occasionally blares "Beethoven's Second Symphony" at a deafening volume.


  • SCP-066 in the game is harmless, but it's claimed that it can harm people who listen to the 140 decibel version of "The Second Beethoven Symphony".
  • It can also be stated that SCP-066 can cause temporary or permanent deafness and severe hearing damage.
  • SCP-066 also cures any effect of SCP-966, which can give it a purpose in the game.