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SCP-096’s containment chamber is a 5x5x5m steel cube, although not in the official version and can be found in SCP: CB ultimate edition. After you go through the gate door, SCP-096 is seen strolling around the room, with the torn up containment chamber at the back. There is also a room on the right which is the control room. A document of SCP-096 is on one of the cabinets. Further along the room, there is another room that consists of more computers (with a switch that states ‘blinds’ for obvious reasons), another keycard door is found in the room after this. SCP-096 is active and would be walking around the room in front of the containment chamber so be advised to not look at its face when it's around.


The planned model, and the model in SCP: CB ultimate edition


Outside of SCP-096's containment

When you enter the room, the screen will abruptly turn black. A human (possibly a guard, we do not know because there just remains a pool of blood and no trace of body parts) is in distress after accidentally looking at SCP-096's face. You would hear him try to open the door as 096 goes to rage. The following is heard.

  •   (SCP-096 is heard ripping open the steel cube}
  • "No! Not today, please... no!" 
  • "Please open the door!!"
  • ( SCP-096-1 shoving a lower level keycard repeatedly in the door while SCP-096 screams) 
  • "Please, I need to stay, please..."
  • (SCP-096-1 pleading under breath while shoving keycard into slot)
  • (SCP-096 tears open the blast door)
  • "No, No, No No No No No..."
  • (096 breaks free and begins running toward 096-1)
  • (Cries of pain and body parts being ripped away while SCP-096 screams)
  • (SCP-096 calms down while sobbing)

The lower level keycard that the guard was shoving into the slot was a Lvl 2 card, while the doors accepted level 3 or higher. A level 2 card next to the pool of blood proves this. A document of SCP-096 can be found near the keycard.


  • Where 096 is kept, the steel cube is ripped open, is the same model of when the chamber was planned in the official game.
  • The page for 096 can be found here: SCP-096
  • It is unknown how the victim looked at SCP-096 before 096 ripped the cube apart, although it is presumed that he was looking at a page with photographs of SCP-096 in them, due to the fact that said page can be found with blood splattered over the photos. 
  • The page reads "paste photos in blue area for testing," prompting the idea that the victim was a test subject. It is unknown how he would have gotten in or how he got a keycard.
  • This page is up to date as of Nov 13 2019. Scp (096) has caused havoc in the facility. Do to dmg cost rate $1.6B