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Object Class Keter
Animate? Yes
Harmful? Yes
SCP Link SCP-1048-A
Containment Chamber

SCP-1048-A is a hostile offshoot of SCP-1048.


SCP-1048-A is similar in appearance to SCP-1048, in that they are both shaped as if teddy bears with a black bow tie. The main difference, however, is that SCP-1048-A is comprised almost entirely out of human ears, with a wide hole near the head region sufficing as a mouth.

When a person is nearby, it will emit a high-pitched shriek, that causes intense pain in the eyes and ears of everyone in a 10-meter radius. Directly after that, ear-like growths start to grow on everyone in a 5-meter radius of the subject, covering their bodies in less than 20 seconds. After the victims have been covered in ear-like growths, they will die from asphyxiation within 3 minutes due to these growths also manifesting in their mouths.


SCP-1048-A can sometimes be encountered in the two-way hallway. If the player comes into contact with it, it will begin to raise its arms up and begin screeching, causing the player's vision to become blurry and shake, and ear-like growths will begin to form all over their body. If the player remains close to SCP-1048-A for too long after these growths begin forming, they will suffocate and result in a game over screen.

It is advised that the player should avoid rooms which SCP-1048-A is roaming in and seek an alternate route. If faced without any other option, the player can walk close to it, and as soon as it begins shrieking they should run back and close the door behind them. The SCP should then despawn and allow safe passage through the room. Although it should be noted that even if the player runs away once it begins shrieking, and weren't close to begin with, it's still possible for effects to take place.

Another way to avoid it is to close the door you saw it behind, save, return to the title screen and go back to that save. It has a larger chance of working than the previous attempt, but is still not definite. Running through a door that requires a keycard and closing it behind you can also be a great way to escape it