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SCP-109 Is a Standard-issue United States Army canteen from 1899, it seemingly has an infinite amount of ordinary water. This item is introduced in the SCP Containment Breach mod "SCP - Containment Breach Ultimate Edition" and isn't included in the normal game.




SCP-109 is a standard-issue United States Army canteen (circa 1899) made of a tin alloy and fitted with a heavy cotton cover and a black leather strap. When opened, the item is seen to be nearly full of water. A seemingly unlimited amount of water can be removed from the container without changing the water level or the item's mass, which remains a constant 3.16 kg. Probes of the interior of the container reported an estimated volume of 2.8 L and a shape consistent with the outside.

The water in SCP-109 is of a slight blue-gray tint, with concentrations of 20 ppm of tin and 170 ppm of other electrolytes. The water remains at a constant temperature of 19°C but can be heated or cooled when moved to another container.


SCP-109 Is found in a standard Containment chamber in Light Containment Zone, it requires a Level 3 Keycard or higher to open, when used, SCP-109, a short delay happens before the player drinks SCP-109, once dranken, a message will appear saying "You drink the water, it tastes fine", if you drink it several times, it gives a new message saying "You drink the water, it quenchs your thirst"

If the item is used too many times, the player will have a stomache ache, and vomit.

INV scp 109

SCP-109 Inventory picture.


  • SCP-109 Is one of two military-related SCPS in Containment Breach, the other one being SCP-1123