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Object Class Euclid
Animate? No
Harmful? No
SCP Link SCP-294

SCP-294, known as "The Coffee Machine", is a SCP object encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-294 is a standard coffee vending machine, the only noticeable difference being an entry touchpad with buttons corresponding to an English QWERTY keyboard.

Upon depositing fifty cents US currency into the coin slot, the user is prompted to enter the name of any liquid using the touchpad. Upon doing so, a standard 12-ounce paper drinking cup is placed and the liquid indicated is poured.

Ninety-seven initial test runs were performed (including requests for water, coffee, beer, and soda, non-consumable liquids such as sulfuric acid, wiper fluid, and motor oil, as well as substances that do not usually exist in liquid state, such as nitrogen, iron and glass) and each one returned a success. Test runs with solid materials such as diamond have failed, however, as it appears that SCP-294 can only deliver substances that can exist in liquid state.

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Demonstration of SCP-294 as of 0.8.

SCP-294 is located in the cafeteria at the far end next to a sign telling personnel that only personnel with a 2 or higher security clearance are allowed to use it and that non-human consumable beverages are forbidden. After the player has clicked on SCP-294 and inserted 2 Quarters, they will be brought to the panel, allowing them to type the cup they desire.

All of the cups are loaded from Data/SCP-294.ini, which allows users to create their own cups [Tutorial]. If the player attempts to choose a cup which doesn't exist in the .ini file, SCP-294 will display the message "OUT OF RANGE".

Upon drinking the liquid given by SCP-294, different sounds and/or effects will be produced, depending on the product.

List of Possible Outputs[]

Input Color Message Effect
Air, Nothing, Cup, Emptiness, Vacuum, HL3, Half-Life 3, No Transparent "There is nothing to drink in the cup." None
Alcohol, Ethanol, Ethanol Liquid, Spirit, Vodka White, Semi-Transparent "Damn, that's strong." Blurs the player's vision for 5 seconds.
Aloe Vera Drink, Cactus Drink Beige, Slightly Transparent None Heals the player slightly.
Amnesia Black, Glows, Semi-Transparent "Daniel, is that you? What are you doing?" Blurs vision for 10 seconds.
Anti-Energy Drink, Anti Energy Drink Orange, Semi-Transparent "The drink tastes terrible. You feel tired and drained." Causes the player to lose stamina 2x as fast and blink 1.5x faster for 300 seconds.
Antimatter, Anti-matter, Void Black None Causes an explosion.
Aqua Regia, Aqua Light Brown "Hmm. . . There should be more cuprite." The player will refuse to drink it.
Atomic, Nuclear, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Reaction. Light Green, Glows None Causes a nuclear explosion.
Beer, Lager Light Orange, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes like a standard pale lager." None
Black corrosive liquid, SCP-106, 106, Old Man, SCP Black "You feel strange. It's as if there was something moving in your stomach." Causes bloodloss, stomach ache, and blurs the player's vision for 8 seconds.
Bleach Clear "The liquid burns in your mouth and throat." Causes the player's vision to blur for 300 seconds, followed shortly by death.
Blood Dark Red, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes like red wine." Causes bloodloss
Blood of Christ, Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus Christ Dark Red, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes like red wine." None
Carbon Black None Instant death.
Cassis Fanta Light Purple, Semi-Transparent "Refreshing. . ." None
Carrot Juice, Carrot Orange "Pretty good." None
Champagne Gold, Semi-Transparent None None
Chim Gold, Glows "There are no words in any human language to describe the taste of the liquid." Grants the player godmode and blurs their vision for 100 seconds.
Cider Brown, Semi-Transparent "A bit too sugary for me." None
Chocolate, Cocoa, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cocoa Brown None Causes the player to lose stamina 1.1x as fast for 200 seconds and blurs their vision for 2 seconds.
Cocaine Energy Drink, Cocaine Red, Slight-Transparency "The drink has a boost, and taste faintly hot with a hint of cinnamon." Causes the player to lose stamina 1.2x as fast for 200 seconds and blurs their vision for 5 seconds.
Coffee, Black Coffee Brown. "The drink tastes like fairly strong black coffee." Gives the player's sprint meter to decrease at 0.9x its normal speed for 30 seconds and blurs their vision for 2 seconds.
Coconut, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Juice Red. "You enjoy the refreshing flavour of coconut milk." None
Cola, Coke, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Dark Brown, Slight Transparency "It's cold and refreshing." None
Cold, Cool, Freezing, Coldness Silver, Mostly Transparent "Your head aches from the freezing cold liquid." Blurs the player's vision for 8 seconds.
Courage Black None Causes the player's sprint meter to decrease at 0.5x its regular speed and the blink meter to decrease at 0.7x its speed for 180 seconds.
Death, Game Over Black None Instant death.
Egg, Eggs Yellowish White "It tastes just like raw eggs." None
ES, Euroshopper, Euroshopper, Energy Drink, Red Bull Gold, Semi-Transparemt "The drink tastes like an average energy drink." Cause the player's sprint meter to decrease at 0.8x its normal speed for 180 seconds.
Espresso Light Brown None None
Estus Gold "The taste is hard to describe. You feel refreshed." Heals injuries and bloodloss.
Eternal Champion White None Heals all wounds, blurs vision for 10 seconds, blink meter freezes, stamina meter decreases 2.0 times from normal speed for 30 seconds.
Eyedrops Clear "The liquid tastes awful. Maybe it wasn't meant to be used orally." The blink meter decreases at 0.5x the normal speed for 200 seconds, followed by a stomachache.
Feces, Fecal matter, Shit, Crap, Poo, Poop, Dung, Scat, Turd, Bullshit, Horseshit, Diarrhea Brown "Yeah, I'm not drinking that." The player will refuse to drink it.
Feces and Blood, Blood and Feces Red "The drink smells like SCP-173's containment chamber." The player will refuse to drink it.
Glass Red, Glows None Instant death.
Gold Gold, Glows None Instant death.
Grog Orange, Semi-Transparent "It's been too long since you've a good drink." Blurs vision for 5 seconds.
Happiness, Cheerfulness, Joy Light Blue, Glows, Semi-Transparent "An overwhelming sense of happiness takes you over. Your heart is pounding like crazy." Causes the camera to shake and kills the player after 10 seconds.
Heroin, Morphine Clear "The liquid tastes awful." 30 seconds of blurred vision, followed by death.
Honey Gold, Slight Transparency "Hmm. . . sweet." None
Hot, Warm Silver, Mostly Transparent "The liquid stings your mouth, it is very hot." None
Hot Tea, Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Yellow Tea Dark Gold, Slight Transparency "It's too hot!" None
Iron, Steel Silver, Glows None Instant death.
Jimmies, Rustling, Gorilla Munch. Yellow, Glows, Mostly Transparent "Shh, no tears, only dreams now. There is no need to be upset." Causes the player to take a deep breath.
Joe, Joseph, Cat, Dog. Red, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes like blood. It's still warm." None
Knowledge Red, Slight Transparency, Glows "I need SCP-079's help if I want to go through Gate B. Or a distraction of some kind to go through Gate A." None
Lava, Magma Orange, Glows "The liquid disintegrates your insides almost instantly." Instant death.
Lemon, Lemon Juice, Lemonade. Yellow, Slight Transparency None None
Lemon fanta Pale Yellow, Semi-Transparent "Take that! In one gulp, without breathing." None
Life Red, Semi-Transparent "This tastes unlike anything you've drank before. You feel better than ever." Completely heals injuries and blood loss. Vision blurs for 10 seconds.
Liquid Hydrogen, Hydrogen Red, Semi-Transparent None Instant death.
Liquid Nitrogen, Nitrogen None Instant death.
Love Pink, Semi-Transparent None Causes player vision to blur for 10 seconds, followed by death.
Mayo, Butter Pale Orange None None
Me, Myself, D-9341 Red "The liquid tastes like blood. It's still warm." Blurs the player's vision for 10 seconds and causes major bloodloss.
Meme, Memes, Maymays Blue "Me gusta xDD lel" Blurs the player's vision for 10 seconds.
Microwave Casserole Pale Yellow "Through a complex series of thoughts and inside events, you feel that this belongs to someone else." The player will refuse to drink it.
Milk White None None
Monkey Island Grog Pale green, glows "A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea! Unfortunately, as you start feeling a terrible burning sensation in your throat and stomach, you realize you're actually not used to drinking such heavy stuff ..." Kills the player with a unique death message: "Subject D-9341 was found face down in a puddle of blood, upper digestive tract seemingly molten by corrosion. A cup with the message "The Styx is a river, not a sea, dumbass." printed on it was found near the corpse. Cause of death is without a doubt related to SCP-294."
Motor Oil, Oil Black None Causes a stomach ache and blurs the player's vision for 10 seconds.
Mountain Dew, Mountain Light Green "It's nice and cold." None
Mucus Green "Why the hell would I want to drink this?" The player will refuse to drink it.
Mud, Clay Brown None None
Nausea Dark Green, Semi-Transparent "Ugg... I don't feel so good..." Causes a stomach ache and makes the player vomit.
Orange fanta, Orangina Orange, Semi-Transparent "That tastes good..." None
Orange Juice, Orange Orange "The drink tastes sweet and has quite a bit of pulp." None
Pain, Agony Black "The drink tastes incredibly bitter. You feel a burning pain in your stomach." Causes a stomach ache and damage.
Perfume, Deodorant, Shampoo Grey, Mostly Transparent None None
Pina Colada Pale Yellow, Semi-Transparent "Cold and sweet." None
Plastic Purple "The molten plastic burns your mouth." Causes minor damage and two seconds of vision blur.
Prune Juice Purple None None
Purple Drank, Sizzurp Light Purple, Slightly Transparent "The drink tastes like cough syrup." The player refuses to drink, and vision blurs for 100 seconds.
Pus Pale Yellow "It smells like rancid egg salad. I think I'm going to puke!" Causes a stomach ache.
Rage, Anger, Angry, Hate Orange, Slight Transparency "Your blood boils with overwhelming hatred towards everything." Immediately causes an explosion.
Room-temperature Superconductor Light Yellow, Semi-Transparent "The drink tastes like apple juice." None
Sadness, Unhappiness, Mourning, Grieving Light Grey, Mostly Transparent "The warm liquid has a salty after-taste, almost like tears." None
Something that will destroy SCP-682, Something that destroys SCP-682, Something to destroy SCP-682 White, Glows None Explosion followed by death.
Spoiler, Spoilers, Spoiling Blue, Glows "You hear a voice inside your head." Plays EndingB3.ogg.
Sea Water, Saline water, Salt, Salt Water Grey, Mostly Transparent "The extremely salty taste is almost unbearable. You begin to feel dehydrated and dizzy." Causes the player's vision to blur for 4 seconds and causes a stomach ache.
Semen, Cum, Jizz, Man Milk, Baby Batter, Joy Juice, Cock Snot, Load, Man Cbhowder, Wad, 9gag White "No way." None
Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Pinkish red, Slightly Transparent "So sweet" None
Soup Pea green "The liquid tastes like the spinach soup you ate this morning." None
Speed, Velocity, Fastness, Sanic Yellow, Glows, Slight Transparency "You feel really nervous." Blurs the player's vision for 15 seconds and increases speed for 15 seconds.
Stearin, Stearine Grey, Semi-Transparent "HOT HOT HOT" Blurs vision for 2 seconds.
Sulfuric Acid, Sulfur Grey, Semi-Transparent None Instant death.
Surprise, Surprise me, Shock, Shock me Grey, Mostly Transparent "The water burns your mouth instantly." Blurs the player's vision for 2 seconds.
Tea, Ice Tea Pale Green, Slight Transparency "It tastes like cold tea." None
Tears, Tear, Saliva, Spit Clear None None
Tequila Pale yellow, Semi-Transparent "Could've used some lime and salt with that." None
The best drink I've ever had, The best drink I've had Orange, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes like a Vienna lager you drank years ago." None
The Perfect Drink, Perfect Drink, Perfection Grey, Slight Transparency "I can't take this anymore, everything at this point is just one big letdown." Instant death.
Tropical Juice, Tropical Water Orange, Slight Transparency "The chilled orange beverage tastes like a combination of tropical fruits." None
Tomato Juice, Tomato Red "Meh, it's ok. Never was a big fan of tomato juice though." None
Urine, Piss, Pee, Jarate Pale Yellow, Slight, Transparency "I'm not drinking that." The player will refuse to drink it.
Venom, Snake Venom Yellow, Slight Transparency None Death after 5 seconds.
Vidya, V, 4chan Dark Grey, Slight Transparency "The drink tastes awfully bitter." None
Vinegar Orange, Slightly Transparent None Blurs vision for 10 seconds.
Vomit Pale Orange "I'm not drinking that" The player refuses to drink it.
War Grey, Mostly Transparent "The liquid stings your mouth, it is very hot." None
Water, Mineral Water, Soda Water Grey, Mostly Transparent "Well, that was refreshing." None
Wax, Grease Grey "The taste makes you feel ill." Causes a stomach ache.
Wine, Red Wine, Grape Wine, Grape Reddish Purple, Slight Transparency None None
Whisky, Whiskey, Scotch Amber None None
WPLJ Off-while, Slightly Transparent "Please please please gimme some more" None
Yoghurt Peach "It is a thick, mixed berry yoghurt with no solid bits." Stamina depletes 0.5x faster for 10 seconds.
420, Weed, Dope, Green Dragon White "MAN DATS SOME GOOD ASS SHIT" Plays mandeville.ogg.

Curable by SCP-500

How to Create Custom Drinks[]

In order to add a custom drinks you must simply add the following to Data/SCP-294.ini.


  • The drink "Amnesia" is a reference the video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where the protagonist is a young man named Daniel.
  • The drink "Estus" is a reference to the video game series Dark Souls where the main healing item availible to players is a golden drink entitled estus.
  • The drink "chim" is a reference to the The Elder Scrolls video game series. CHIM is a metaphysical concept where a character can become aware of, manipulate, and escape the trappings of the game they inhabit.
  • The drink "ES" is a reference to Euroshopper energy drink, which enjoys a meme status in Finland, home country of Regalis.