SCP - Containment Breach Wiki
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Object Class Keter
Animate? no
Harmful? yes
SCP Link SCP-409
Containment Chamber


SCP-409 resembles a large quartz crystal approximately 1.5m (5ft) tall and 0.6m (2ft) wide. Any objects coming in contact with SCP-409 will begin to crystallize after three hours. This effect will occur in any material other than granite. The crystallization will spread by approximately 2.5cm (1in) per minute, and will convert the entire object or organism, inside and out. Subjects report this effect to be extremely painful, and similar to frostbite. After complete crystallization, the object will begin to make snapping and creaking noises for approximately twenty minutes, before bursting into thousands of fragments with great force.


SCP-409 will begin to crystalize the player after touching the crystal or the crystal residue on the floor where the dead Class-D lies.

The containment room is located in Heavy Containment Zone and requires a level 4 keycard to access.

Stages of crystalization[]

There are 4 stages of crystalization:

  • 1 - "Crystals are enveloping the skin on your legs"
  • 2 - "Crystals are up to your abdomen"
  • 3 - "Crystals are starting to envelop your arms"
  • 4 - "Crystals are starting to envelop your head"

Throughtout this process, a crystal-like overlay will begin appearing on the player's screen, gradually becoming larger and more opaque. A few minutes after stage 4, the player will stop moving completely and eventually die, breaking apart.


  • SCP-005 can be found on the dead Class-D beside SCP-409 and requires the player to take a SCP-500-01 pill in order to prevent the onset of crystalization. However, SCP-005 does not always spawn here.
  • There is a 50% chance of SCP-005 being found on the dead Class-D beside SCP-409.