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914 new
Object Class Safe
Animate? No
Harmful? Yes, but otherwise no.
SCP Link SCP-914
Containment Chamber

SCP-914, also known as "The Clockworks", is an SCP object in SCP - Containment Breach. It is currently one of the few SCPs in the game that is actually of use to the player.


SCP-914 is a large clockwork device weighing several tons and covering an area of eighteen square meters, consisting of screw drives, belts, pulleys, gears, springs and other clockwork. It is incredibly complex, consisting of over eight million moving parts comprised mostly of tin and copper, with some wooden and cloth items observed. Observation and probing have shown no electronic assemblies or any form of power other than the “Mainspring” under the “Selection Panel”. Two large booths (3m x 2.1m x 2.1m) are connected via copper tubes to the main body of SCP-914, labeled “Intake” and “Output”. Between them is a copper panel with a large knob with a small arrow attached. The words Rough, Coarse, 1:1, Fine, and Very Fine are positioned at points around the knob. Below the knob is a large “key” that winds the “mainspring”.


There are five options on SCP-914's panel. The output is different depending on what the option is set to.


Dismantles or destroys the item. Risky.


Dismantles the item.


Get the same item, but different in appearance. May also get an item of equal value (e.g. Mastercard to playing card)


Generally, a better version of an item.

"Very Fine"

Can change your item to be very useful, but can sometimes end up backfiring if used incorrectly.

List of Possible Outputs

Input Setting


Document 1:1 Random document out of SCP-079's document, SCP-106's document, SCP-173's document, SCP-682's document, SCP-860's document, or SCP-895's document.
Document Rough, Coarse Shredded paper (decal).
Document Fine, Very Fine Origami.
Gas Mask Rough, Coarse Black decal.
Gas Mask Fine, Very Fine Super Gas Mask, that gives the player unlimited stamina when equipped (unless the player is wearing SCP-714).
Keycard 1:1 Playing Card or MasterCard.
Keycard Rough, Coarse Decal of a squashed card.
Keycard Very Fine Keycard Omni, Playing Card or a MasterCard.
Keycard Fine A keycard that's one level higher, if the keycard is level 3 it has a very high chance of becoming a Playing Card, if the keycard is level 5 it has a very high chance of becoming a MasterCard .
Playing Card 1:1 MasterCard or Level 2 Keycard.
Playing Card Very Fine Level 2 Keycard.
MasterCard 1:1, Fine, Very Fine MasterCard, or Level 2 Keycard.
Player 1:1 Inverted view controls.
Player Fine, Very Fine Increased speed, followed by death.
Player Rough Instant Death.
Player Coarse Causes bleeding, followed by death.
ReVision Eyedrops Very Fine Eyedrops (not the same as "Fine"). Causes the player to not be able to blink, but will cause extremely blurry vision.
ReVision Eyedrops Fine Eyedrops (not the same as "Very Fine").  Causes the player to blink slightly slower than when normal eyedrops are used.
ReVision Eyedrops 1:1 RedVision Eyedrops.
S-Nav 300 Rough, Coarse Electronics.
S-Nav 300 1:1 Same model, different colors, with red lines in the map instead of white ones.
S-Nav 300 Fine S-Nav 310.
S-Nav 300 Very Fine S-Nav Ultimate.
SCP-420-J 1:1 Cigarette.
SCP-420-J Very Fine Smelly Joint.
SCP-420-J Fine Joint.
SCP-420-J Rough Pile of ash (decal).
SCP-420-J Coarse Squashed joint (decal).
9V Battery Fine, Very Fine Strange Battery.
9V Battery 1:1 18V Battery.
9V Battery Rough, Coarse Pile of ash (decal).
Radio Fine Radio that doesn't require batteries.
Radio Very Fine Radio that doesn't require batteries, but the channels are scrambled.
Origami 1:1 Random document.
First Aid Kit 1:1 Blue First Aid Kit.
First Aid Kit Fine Small First Aid Kit.
First Aid Kit Very Fine Strange Bottle.
Ballistic Vest Fine Heavy Ballistic Vest. Protects the player's body from bullets better than a normal vest.
Ballistic Vest Very Fine Bulky Ballistic Vest. though the player cannot pick it up.

Hazmat Suit

Fine, Very Fine

Mysterious Hazmat Suit. Acts the same as a gas mask put in on very fine.
SCP-513 Rough

Black decal (gets rid of SCP-513-1 if the player has rung SCP-513).


  • Placing multiple items in SCP-914 allows the player to refine them all at once.
  • While SCP-914 is working, it is possible to press against the door of the intake booth and the player will be blinded, as if inside the actual booth itself.
  • If the player keeps pressing against the door for the duration of the sound effects, they will be included in the refining process and be teleported into the output booth with the effect generated by SCP-914's current setting (i.e. "1:1" will result in inverted mouse control).
  • The player can also enter in SCP-914 running fast to the doors of it as soon as the key is turned, before they get completely closed, in this case too, of course, getting the effect generated by the SCP on the current setting.
  • SCP-173 will not enter SCP-914's chamber.