SCP - Containment Breach Wiki
Object Class Keter
Animate? Yes
Harmful? Yes (immediately attacks victims once it has lured them into its trap using its mimicry).
SCP Link SCP-939
Containment Chamber

SCP-939, also known as "With Many Voices", are SCPs that imitate human speech similar to a parrot, using the last words or screams of prior victims to lure the player to them and devour them. SCP-939 was added in the 1.0 update. SCP-939's primary method of luring prey is the imitation of the voices of prior victims, though imitation of other species and active nocturnal hunts have been documented. SCP-939 vocalizations often imply significant distress; whether SCP-939 understand their vocalizations or are repeating previously heard phrases is the subject of ongoing study. How SCP-939 acquire voices is not currently understood; specimens have been documented imitating victims despite never hearing the victim speak. Analysis of SCP-939 vocalizations cannot distinguish between SCP-939 and samples of known victims' voices. The use of biometric voice-recognition security or identification systems at any installation housing SCP-939 is strongly discouraged for this reason. Prey is usually killed with a single bite to the cranium or neck; bite forces have been measured in excess of 35 MPa.


*NEW* SCP-939 - SCP Containment Breach v1.0

SCP-939 can be encountered in-game from v1.0. Two of them can be found in a storage room, which is accessible via two elevators in the Light containment zone and can only be passed using stealth. They are walking around in a clock-like pattern, so the player has to try not to come too near the both of them while following one to get to the second elevator. 939 can kill the player in two hits, so if the player spots at least one, it is advised to sometimes hide behind crates and wait for the monster to pass by before continuing. They are able to detect the player's footsteps, so the best thing to do is crouch. 939 will also imitate human sentences, trying to lure the player to them. They are most likely imitating the last words of the Foundation staff they killed before.

If the player attempts to enter the elevator shaft in the middle of the room, they will fall in the shaft and die instantly, since the shaft is empty.

A severed hand can be found inside the tunnel near the empty elevator shaft, but as the 939 instances will come towards the player if they entered from that side, it's better to go around the whole area and go in from the other side. Then, the player will have to sneak along the same way again, though, because one 939 will walk up towards him from behind.

One of the specimens is quoted "Researcher Tole". It's possible the severed hand must be Researcher Tole's hand


  • SCP-939 is considered one of the most terrifying SCPs in the game due to their ability to mimic human voices.
  • This is one of the few SCP's that cannot be spawned with the console
  • A janitor killed by 106 earlier in the game shares a voice with one of the 939 instances