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Object Class Safe
Animate? Yes (If it is alive then yes, if not then no)
Harmful? Yes (If it is hostile to the player or can cause death then yes, if not then no)
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This is an example page for which every page on this wiki must conform to. This section of text should be a brief introduction to the article and should only consist of one or two sentences.


This part should give a brief overview of the entity in question, should mostly be a summation of the actual SCP article it is based on, or a quick basic overview of the person if it is not an SCP. A paragraph should suffice.


This section will describe the entity as it appears in-game, as well as how it functions and how it affects the player if at all, avoid straying from official in-game depictions of the entity and do not make up a story or functions if they are not explicitly shown in-game.

Feel free to use as many paragraphs to express this section as needed, avoid repeating information.


If the entity ever speaks, place any notable quotes here.

  • "Quotes should be in this format."


  • If there are any interesting facts or background knowledge about the entity in question place them here.
  • Like this.


Put interesting or relevant images of the entity here, please only put images that are relevant to the actual SCP here and not images of it glitching out or doing something stupid. Also do not upload the photographs of SCPs from their original articles.

Note that this guide is subject to change, please leave any feedback on the talk page.