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The small server room is a small wooden room with electrical panels and servers inside of it, as well as a control room.


The small server room is one of two locations where SCP-096 can be found. There are two doors leading into this room, which are separated by a locked door in the outside hallway. Four small windows looking into the room line the wall, two on each side of the locked door. There are two areas in the small server room; the main room that houses some equipment as well as two switches, and a small control area with a panel and a third switch.

Once the hall outside the small server room is entered, the entryways lock and a scene will play in which an enraged SCP-096 brutally kills an unfortunate guard, causing blood to completely block out the windows. Once the scene is finished, the doors open back up, and the player must enter to get around the locked door. Once this room is entered, the doors lock back up, and the player must pull all three switches in the room to unlock them, but caution must be exercised, as SCP-096 is easy to anger.

The best way to enter and leave this room safely is to constantly look on the ground until running into a wall. Keep looking at it and start to search for the switches. When all three switches have been flipped, the opposite door will open. Caution is advised, as SCP-173 can spawn behind the locked door.

The main area of the small server room.


The small control area of the small server room.


When entering the room

when 096 leaps on the guard