SCP - Containment Breach Wiki

Tesla gates are a minor hazard in SCP:CB, but play a major role. They are large devices situated in certain hallways, and activate when approached by any entity, shocking it with electricity. Upon discovering the first tesla gate, a Scientist will run through and get shocked by it, dying instantly. The gate begins charging up as soon as anything comes within close proximity of it, and the Player can bypass it by simply getting close enough, retreating during the charge up period, then running through after it delivers the shock. The recharge time is very short, thus the player should exercise caution and not longer for too long within the gate, otherwise they may be shocked and killed.


A Tesla gate in the entrance zone.

SCP-106 can also be led through an active tesla gate as a tactic to avoid it, upon which, the achievement "Shell Shocked" will be given. Upon being shocked, SCP-106 will retreat into the pocket dimension. It should be mentioned that 106 will not activate the Tesla gate itself and you will have to activate it yourself. SCP-049 does not activate Tesla gates.

If Epsilon-11 has entered the facility, they will deactivate all tesla gates in their path after a short conversation with Control via radio. The gate will be inactive once the player can hear the dialogue, “Control to Nine Tailed Fox: Tesla gate in your sector is now idle, proceed safely.”.