• "If the player is wearing SCP-714, SCP-049's touch will not cause the player to faint and die. Be aware that standing in front of SCP-049 for too long will result in SCP-049 taking the ring off. It is discovered that SCP-714 will stay in player's inventory. The reason he does this is a part of 049's dark past. In his home in ██████, England, he tried to take care of others, as well as his wife, ██████, who had gotten an aggressive sickness a month after said sickness was rumored. His wife would soon die after, and after so, he would take the wedding rings, and put them away, to never see them again. It is because of the tragic death of his wife that he will take SCP-714 from you. To only quickly erase the time of his past."

    This has no citation. Should it be removed from the article?

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