Item #: SCP-533633-J 

Object Class: Totally Safe KETAR

Special Containment Procedures: 533633-J is to be kept at The Neverland Ranch and is to be supplied with twenty pounds of cheese cubes given to as he wishes, bitches.

Description: SCP-533633-J is a hot, sexy beast large humanoid with smexy regular facial features. Whenever 533633-J comes near any female D-Class personnel, he stares at them for five seconds and right afterwards, they come.

If he's near any Male D-Class, then they will get the compulsion to grab their testicles and yell "Shamone!" to anyone near by.

Addendum: Under no circumstances, is SCP-533633-J is to come into contact with SCP-888 at anytimes. The night of one thousand raped minds must never happen again.