Hello there! I made this post to ask of all of your opinions and experiences on various SCP things. I'm just gonna write the questions here, and you can answer them in the comments.

PLEASE do not stir up arguments or do anything forbidden in the Site Rules and Guidelines or the Chat Guidelines. Also, please respect the opinions of others. Respect


  • How did you learn about/come across SCP?
  • What was the first Scip/article you remember reading?
  • What do you think the funniest mainlist SCP is?
  • Which SCP do you think has the creepiest/best picture?
  • Which SCP was the first to send shivers down your spine?
  • Which SCP do you think is the most mysterious?
  • Which Scip do you want to own?
  • Which humanoid Scip would you like to befriend?
  • What tale is the funniest to you?
  • If you wanted revenge on somebody, which SCP would you use?
  • Which SCP would you like to see decommissioned? Please remember the difference between Neutralized and Decommissioned.
  • If you were an O5, what would your first course of action be?
  • Which in-universe character do you like the most?
  • Who do you think the best author on the SCP site is?

That's all for now. I'll probably think up new questions later.