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    So, I'm going to steal borrow Z-Bites's review Blog idea. This time, we'll be looking at SCP-001 proposals. Now, some of you might ask, "Why is 001 such a big deal?" Well, it'd be the first SCP on the mainlist, and a lot of people would want to see that, especially newcomers who might not be all that bright. It's one of the reasons why I believe 002 is so highly rated (thankfully it's still a good entry despite that).

    These proposals kinda exist because the community doesn't really want an "universally accepted 001" for the sole reason I just stated. It also allows for a wide variety of headcanon. Each entry is different and has it's own story. Today, I dive into each entry and give my two cents.

    This is the second most simple entry among the …

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  • Tremorfan94

    Act 2, Scene 2:

    James: (Crying) But can't they help you in some way?

    Butt ghost: There is no cure for butt cancer.

    J: But what will I do without you?

    BG: James, you've never needed me in the first place

    J: What do you mean?

    BG: Inside of you lies the power, not me. I'm only a spirit that haunts the posteriors of mammals.

    J: I can't let you go.

    BG: You already have. (Gestures to the framed photo of James with his arm wrapped around a yield sign.)

    J: It's not what you think!

    BG: No, it's what I know.

    J: But butt ghost…

    BG: Shh, don't speak. You've broken my heart enough already.

    J: I can't let you go.

    BG: You had no trouble letting your other women go!

    J: That was years ago, Butt Ghost!

    BG: A butt ghost never forgets.

    J: You forgot me once.

    BG: I had to go soul-searching, James.


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  • Tremorfan94


    June 21, 2013 by Tremorfan94

    As some of you have read in my earlier blog post, mod pages are strictly unallowed and frankly unwanted here. However, mods still do exist out there for the game. Some are well-done and put a new spark in Containment Breach for those who think its losing its buzz until the new update comes out. Then there are others that are just glorified texture packs and provide nothing to the game, failing as a mod.

    I'm here to give a home to all those mods that truly deserve to be seen and experienced! These mods will have to meet a standard though to be included in this blog and be promoted appropriately.

    • No eye-gouging retextures or poor quality sound files
    • Some creativity
      • Recoloring the Old Man as Slender Man is not original
    • Retextures/recoloring that looks…

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  • Tremorfan94

    For those of you migrating from the old wiki might have noticed, we do not have a chat here. Regardless of how much you may beg, the chat feature will not be added. As someone who has been in a wiki chat before, I know they can cause drama, trouble, and overall unwanted attention. This is especially the case as I'm sure those of which who had power back at the old wiki might be sour from their denial of power here.

    Yes, chats CAN be fun. But right now it will cause more drama than fun due to the circumstances. If you want to talk to people, please do so over the Message Walls or an outside source. Most people have outside sources, like Steam for example, and everyone has a Message Wall so miscommunication shouldn't be a problem.

    As of now, the…

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