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Picture was from 1998

Faceless. A creature with 2 eyes, blueish color. It hunt your fear. It can't be outmatch, it can't be outdone. If it stare at you, it kills you. If you look at away it takes your face. If you  run away it hunt you down.

It's a tall creature who is 2.30 meter high and has two dots. But it's rare to see it. It has no face, It has chain around it. it can be found top of Sky mountain or black hill. It mostly not walking neither teleports. its back has never been seen. Its eye color is blue and black inside of it. He lures people near it And #### them. It. It is immune to attacks. its psychic attacks can destroy your body at one touch, like someone punish you by killing other people. His eyes stare at you while your in fear. And he hunts the weakest.

  1. Test object "Faceless"

"Send in the D-class in sky mountain. And don't let them escape!" Said microphone guy.  It was sixteen D-classes around the sky mountain. It was a ring of guards and MTFs. Full of tanks and cars around the mountain. Traps everywhere. D-classes slowly goes up the mountain and someone of them went inside of the ice mountain "We're slowly losing signal...". Radio men get stressed. Then they heard a scream. It was a horrible scream. Radio guy found the dead body from the D-class and signaling to the other. " the body is on west 21.3 meter on group six.". Group six was after the dead body. It was dark around he sky mountain. But they finally found the dead body. The dead body had no face and his stomach was missing, so you could see what it was inside of the body. "Poor guy..." Said one of the MTF. "Group five is attacked, Move to east!" said it on the radio. Group six went east. They saw a tall guy, standing and hold a guy in the hand. The big guy turn himself around. His big blue dots stare at group six the signal was lost...

"get back to the base, I repeat. Get back to the base!" Said Microphone guy. This test was a failure to Foundation. but the MTF didn't answer back. They all was gone. "Captain, they all is dead." Said one of the soldier "We lost sixteen D-classes, fifteen groups and radio guys, By one guy. By just one guy!" Captain was mad at soldier. Now it all gone now.