The fear is one you what you think, like you've been scared, you will rethink it often until you forget it, that's one fear. But the fear that people fear most is the time.

The time goes forever, it can't be stopped nor stop by it's limited time. Same as the clocks, they spin forever and won't stop (only if the batteries are empty or aren't on).

But it ticks forever, it ticks to your dead. It tick over your limit time of your life. It spin until your dead, why is it human's fear?

Death is most fear we've even know. it's scary to die. Time can only go to infinity, Until you die. But it won't spin if you're dead. It goes forever, the ticking makes you rot away. losing your life in 1 seconds, or 2 seconds. 4 seconds then something bad happens, 8 min you will die. 13 hours world will end. Future of the time, is unknow. And things that's unknow is fear. because you don't know whats gonna happen to your life.


Life is ticking out.